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Writing Personalized Wedding Vows

Filed in Advice, Wedding — June 13, 2017


When I meet with wedding couples I always ask them if they would like to write their own vows or use one of the vow choices I offer in the packet of information I give to them.

There are many couples that are completely comfortable with writing their own vows. And let me be clear that there is nothing wrong with using one of my vow samples. In fact, the words might perfectly express what you want to say to your beloved. But I also hear quite a few couples say they don’t know how to write their own vows, they don’t know what to say, or they worry that one set of vows will be longer or better than the other person’s vows because they are a better writer.

If you are open to educating yourself on how to write personalized vows, here are a couple of links that might be of help. (I wrote about this same topic 4 years ago.) (Thanks Nathan for sharing these links on your blog that I am sharing here.)

Photo from Melissa and Tom’s wedding byJas McDaniel Photography


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