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When people ask, “What is a life celebrant?” we explain it as someone who helps celebrate life’s greatest moments.

As ordained non-denominational officiants, our passion is to assist people in celebrating life events and transitions in their lives and relationships. It is our joy and calling to officiate weddings, anniversary and vow renewals, pregnancy blessingways, baptisms, memorial/funeral/end-of-life celebrations, house blessings and space clearing, divorce rituals, and milestones/coming-of-age ceremonies. See the descriptions and fees below.

All ceremonies include supplies used by the officiant, one or two in-person meetings, phone calls, or Zoom consultations, unlimited email correspondence, time creating the ceremony script, travel and pre-ceremony set and check-in, performing ceremony/ritual, and post-ceremony cleanup.

Returning Clients

We offer reduced fees if Koru Ceremony has officiated your wedding or another ceremony/ritual for you in the past.

Travel Costs

Travel costs up to a 50 miles round trip are included. Additional mileage costs will be calculated beyond 50 miles round trip at $1.50/mile from the officiant’s point of origin. 

Anniversary and Vow Renewal

Tell your spouse you would choose him/her all over again after all these years by renewing your wedding vows. Whether it is your 5, 10, 25, 40, or 50th anniversary, you want to renew your commitment to each other.

Do you want to say the same vows or write brand new ones? Do you want the same people from your first wedding party involved, or maybe this time include your children or grandchildren? These decisions and more will be discussed and planned with your officiant.

Fee: $450 ($380)* with rehearsal: $495 ($425)*

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The blessingway may be an alternative to, or in conjunction with, a baby shower. A blessingway focuses on the mother-to-be. It differs from a baby shower because it offers friends and family the chance to come together to share in a sacred time of reflection, celebrating the new mom. The main goal of the blessingway ceremony is to raise the mother’s energy for labor, provide comfort and support, and help her welcome her new baby. It is also a lovely way to honor a new mom and to create a circle of love that will cradle her as she prepares to give birth.  

Fee: $400, Includes Supplies ($320)*

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Baby Blessing or Baptism

After the baby is born, we can create a custom baby blessing ceremony or baptism with you that will welcome, honor, bless, and celebrate your child. The ceremony can be simple and intimate, festive and elaborate, or anything in between. The baptism can reflect a spiritual, religious, traditional, or alternative perspective. It can also combine the rituals of your faith and cultural traditions in an uplifting way that honors the whole family. 

Fee: $375, Includes Supplies ($320)*
For Two or More Children- $187.50/$160* (Half Price)

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Planning a Memorial or Funeral service is a way to say goodbye to your loved one and celebrate their life. Honoring your loved one with a unique and sacred gathering will allow family and friends to come together to share the memories and commemorate your loved one's death.

Our memorial and funerals will include these three elements:
1. Beginning with the significance of your loss and how much you will miss your loved one.
2. Sharing the importance of the person who died by sharing stories about their life and what they accomplished.
3. Establishing their social significance by showing that other people loved them too, that their life touched other people's lives, and that they had value in the world.

Memorial/Funeral, End of Life Celebrations

Fee: $450 ($380)*

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Divorce Ritual

Whether you wish to mark a mutual marital completion or need to plant the seeds for “letting go,” a divorce ritual clears the way for healing.

A divorce is a life transition, and creating a parting ceremony can transform lives by fostering an improved relationship between two former partners. The ceremony symbolizes the disbanding of your marriage and the emergence of a new path of possibility for you. A divorce ritual can gently facilitate a healthy grieving process and clear the way for apology, forgiveness, and closure.

Although the healing potential is enhanced if both partners agree to participate in the ceremony, a divorce ritual is still beneficial, even if only one of you participates in this ceremony. Friends or family members are welcome to play a role in the service or attend for support.

Fee: $450 ($380)*

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Space Clearing and House Blessing

If you are moving into a new house or have been living in yours for a long time, a space clearing will help sweep away the energetic “cobwebs” that may have accumulated over the years or energy leftover from past occupants of the house, and charge your home with positive energy to start fresh with a peaceful, harmonious surrounding.

A house blessing can be at the beginning of a new year or anytime you want to reenergize your home. The ceremony can be an intimate occasion or a group event with family and friends, such as a housewarming party.

Fee: $350, Includes Supplies ($300)*

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Perhaps you are celebrating a milestone birthday- such as your 50, 60, 70, or even 80th birthday. And you want to do something a little different to celebrate the wisdom that comes with age with a Croning Ceremony. A crone, elder, or wise woman is someone who has reached the age of 50, has gone through menopause, or has become a grandmother.

Transitions from childhood to adulthood are another significant stepping stone in one’s life. Many cultures celebrate this pivotal moment in our lives. In America, we often talk about turning Sweet 16, getting our first driver’s license, being able to vote, or being old enough to drink.

But another celebration that we often overlook is when a young girl gets her first menstrual period, called menarche. Rather than feeling shame, embarrassment, or shyness about a young girl’s changing body, it is something to celebrate. All indigenous people provide their youth with specific rites of passage to signal a change in their status from child to adult. Some of these rituals and more can be explored when creating a Coming-of-Age Ceremony.

Milestone Birthdays and Coming-of-Age Celebrations

Fee: $450 ($380)*

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"Rev Pat officiated the most perfect baptism for our daughters, Lia and Alexandra (ages 2 and 10 months). She did an outstanding job and we couldn't have been more pleased! The ceremony flowed well and the girls easily warmed up to Pat’s calm and welcoming spirit. Our families were also very impressed with the ceremony! We can’t thank her enough!"


"We had Pat perform baptisms for both of our kids. We are not associated with a church but having our kids baptized was important to us. We loved that the ceremony was personalized and we were able to do it right in our own home! Pat was amazing! Highly recommend her!"


"Recently I contacted Pat to help us with a celebration of life for my brother. Pat offered options for the service and asked questions about my brother, our family, his friends and the outdoor setting. Her presentation was outstanding, and many of those who attended commented how impressed they were with the entire celebration of life. We could not have done this without Pat Werk."


"At a really dark time of my life, when my identity as a wife and the vision for my future completely changed, I contacted Pat to create a divorce ceremony to help me get "unmarried." Pat crafted a ritual process to say goodbye to my old life and open up possibilities for my new life. Pat greatly understands grief and loss and how to facilitate healing. This is something every divorced person should do!"


"When I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted to do something different than a traditional baby shower. The Blessingway ceremony that Pat and Sarah created instilled confidence in allowed me to embrace what was to come. It was a joyful way to celebrate my rite of passage into motherhood with the women I love and respect as mothers in my life."


"I was turning 60. I was no longer in an active parenting mode. It was time for me to embrace my wisdom years. Pat helped me do just that with a croning ceremony that my friends found moving and fun. We made crowns of flowers, shared stories, and danced to uplifting songs. There was a fire ritual, vows, and blessings. I came away, feeling loved and empowered."

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