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Signature Ceremonies that are One-of-a-Kind, Meaningful, Joyful & Inviting

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We believe the ceremony is much more than the legal part you need to do before the party begins.

Instead, it is about crafting a ceremony together that creates the total experience and sets the tone for the entire day.

After the wedding, we want you to play the day repeatedly in your mind, so you won’t forget all those sweet and poignant memories that kicked off your amazing marriage.

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Personal and Custom Designed Wedding Ceremonies

We are committed to helping you create a celebration that includes all the components that best represent you. Some couples know what that looks like, and others initially need a little more help. But by the wedding day, our couples have a clear picture of what marriage and commitment means to them.

We do this by offering a plethora of options and ideas to choose from. We will guide you step-by-step in an easy, fun, and organized way to help you feel that the ceremony reflects your values. So you can celebrate your love in front of the people that matter the most to you. 



"We wanted an officiant who could communicate our love story, crack a joke, tug on our heartstrings, and make the ceremony feel special. We were looking for someone who truly wanted to get to know us and was able to share our story in a way that was unique to us. Our Koru officiant provided that and exceeded our expectations."


"Working with Koru Ceremony was the best decision we made during our wedding planning. Our officiant was a constant source of guidance, quick to respond, and went above and beyond. She gave us a large packet of options that was tremendously helpful, and that allowed us to craft a custom ceremony that was perfect for our wedding day. She blew away all of my expectations."


"Thank you for being a part of our favorite day! You helped things run so smoothly and calmed our nerves about being the center of attention. Your experience and preparation were apparent, and most importantly, you put such care into creating the ceremony. Thank you for helping to make it such a special day."


"We were real novices in wedding planning and can't imagine how we would have had such a perfect day without your coordination, creativity, and attention to detail. Besides all your skills, upbeat personality, and calm demeanor, you kept everyone in good spirits knowing what to do. You made it so special and were a dream to have guided us through the wedding process."


"Thank you for playing such a big role on our wedding day. We felt so comfortable working with you during the entire process. You are such a kind and caring person- looking back on our ceremony, we wouldn't have wanted anyone else to officiate our wedding!"

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Kind words from Past Couples

Our Custom Ceremony 5-Step Process

HOw does it work?

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Before you even book one of us, let’s get together for a complimentary initial consultation. We can meet in person or connect virtually by video chatting or phone.

In the 1-hour meeting, we will get to know each other, talk about your wedding vision, things you find stressful, and what you can expect from us.

We will talk about three different wedding styles we officiate (religious, spiritual, or secular ceremonies) and explain our step-by-step process for putting together the ceremony. 

Getting to Know You 

Step One

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How do you want your ceremony to feel? Fun, joyful, relaxed, inviting, unique, timeless, romantic

This is when we bring all those details together. During this meeting, we will go in-depth about your choices from the extensive menu of options we will provide. You will be intimately involved in creating your ceremony.

This is the stage where the rough draft is written and emailed to you for your approval. With a customized ceremony in hand, you will feel confident knowing your wedding is a personal reflection of the commitment you are making to each other. 

Creating the Customized Script

Step Two

We get it. You have so many details swirling in your head because you want the day to be perfect, but you also want to be as much as possible in the moment and enjoy the wedding day. You want to feel celebrated, but all that attention on you as you walk down the aisle and stand up in front of everyone can feel uncomfortable, embarrassing, and awkward. This is where the rehearsal comes in and where we shine compared to less experienced officiants.

At the rehearsal, we will make sure your wedding party not only has fun, but is also focused and knows precisely what to do so everyone feels confident knowing what to expect on the wedding day. The ceremony will run smoothly on the wedding day because we pay attention to the details that matter during the rehearsal.


Step Three

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We will arrive at least 30 minutes before the wedding to check in with you and make sure you feel set and ready to go. You can be worry-free, knowing the details for the ceremony are being taken care of so you can bask to the fullest on your big day.

Put your faith in us, knowing that we will provide a calming presence. We know what you want and how to handle the unexpected with poise and professionalism.

We will provide a high-quality and memorable celebration so you experience deep emotion during the ceremony. The best weddings are the ones with a little bit of laughter and tears. Guests walk away, saying it was the best ceremony they have ever attended.

Wedding Day

Step Four

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After the ceremony, we will ensure your two witnesses sign the wedding license. Your Koru officiant will be responsible for filing it with the State within three days of your wedding day.

We will also send you information about getting your marriage certificate and changing your last name if you choose to do so within a couple of days of the wedding. We will make it easy to navigate the legal piece to guarantee you are lawfully married. 

Post-Ceremony Paperwork

Book your complimentary initial consultation to see if Koru Ceremony is a good fit for you. Find out by filling out the Contact Form.

Step Five

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Our Fees

Our fees range from $495 to $895, and our packages offer customization and cover anything from a sweet and simple ceremony to an extravagant celebration with many components.  Book your complimentary initial consultation to see if Koru Ceremony is a good fit for you. Find out by filling out the Contact Form.

Package One

Koru provides the same personal care to all of our couples, but Package 1 has fewer customizable options than Package 2 or 3 and does not include a rehearsal.

This package is only available for the following weddings:
● Off-Season (January – March) Ceremony
● Weekday (Monday – Thursday) Ceremony
● Minimony (less than ten guests)
● Elopement & Short-Notice (3 weeks or less) Ceremony

Investment: $495

Initial Deposit: $247.50 (50% of Fee)
(If your wedding is in four weeks or less at booking, then the full $495 is required.)

Package Two

This package covers the many hours it takes to get to know you, create, and perform a custom-built ceremony that celebrates you.

This package includes:
● Two meetings - held by phone call, in person, or virtually. The first will explain our process of creating a ceremony, and the second will review the ceremony script.
● Unlimited email communication leading up to the wedding.
● A plethora of options of words, music, and readings from which to choose.
● Ceremony design, and edits as requested.
● Ceremony preparation and orchestration of the rehearsal so everyone feels prepared.
● Arrival at least 30-minutes early to confirm that you, the music, and the microphone are ready.
● Officiate your wedding with the expertise it deserves.
● Obtain the proper signatures and file the wedding license in the county where the ceremony took place.
● Information on acquiring the marriage certificate and changing your last name.

Investment: $695

Initial Deposit: $347.50 (50% of Fee)

Package Three

This premier package includes everything listed in Package Two, plus some additional bonus features that will take your wedding day and new marriage to the next level.

This package includes everything in Package Two, PLUS:
● Write your love story to share with your guests during the ceremony, so they can celebrate what brought you to this moment in your life.
● Vow Writing session with each of you to offer suggestions and guidance in writing eloquent, charming, heartfelt personal vows.
● Gift you a copy of the groundbreaking book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, by Dr. John Gottman, to support the marriage journey you have begun.

Investment: $895

Initial Deposit: $447.50 (50% of Fee)

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