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Koru Ceremony has been performing weddings since 2005 and has officiated hundreds of weddings. We are proud to commemorate more than 15 years of celebrating new beginnings. 

How long have you been officiating weddings?

Our Koru officiates value the importance of creating memories and special moments you will carry in your heart for the rest of your life together.

That's why we are committed to making sure your perfect day becomes a reality and an experience you will never forget. Whether you are planning an intimate backyard ceremony or an elaborate ballroom bash, we are your experts. We can help you create a memorable ceremony that will keep your guests talking about the ceremony well into the night during the reception.

We consider every detail and idea you think of to create a personalized experience that says, "This is everything we dreamed of!" We promise to work with you to ensure that your ceremony truly reflects your relationship and the life you are building together.

We will guide you in planning the picture-perfect wedding to start your marriage. We love to personalize every ceremony as we get to know you better. We will walk you through each step so that you are comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free, knowing all the details have been taken care of and organized.

You can trust us to be your advocate: calm, collected, professional, and ready to make sure you get what you want.

How would you best describe Koru Ceremony officiants?

Our couples are fun-loving and laid-back but care a great deal about the importance of the wedding. They think the ceremony is more than the legal part you must get through before the party. They believe that the ceremony IS the wedding and the heart of the day, and they want it to be meaningful. Therefore, they want to hire a professional officiant, such as Koru Ceremony, to ensure the ceremony runs smoothly so they can enjoy the day and be present in the moment.

How would you best describe the type of couples you usually work with?

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We create a meaningful, one-of-a-kind ceremony that fits your style, honors your love story, and represents your life together. We elevate your celebration from a fill your names in the blank, canned experience to a wedding that is an unforgettable, heartfelt, highly personal experience. We hope that at the end of the day, you say to yourself, "That is precisely what we wanted!" The process can look different for each couple. That's the joy of getting to know you and writing a ceremony that reflects your vision of how you want your wedding to feel.

What do you mean by a Custom Ceremony?

The rehearsal is a chance to work out all the kinks and logistics so the ceremony goes smoothly. It's an opportunity to make sure everyone in your wedding party and immediate family knows what to do, where to sit, how to walk down the aisle, hold the bouquet, and all the other little things that make you and your wedding party look like pros and get great photos. Some weddings don't need a rehearsal, but most do. Including the rehearsal in two out of three of our packages eliminates this as a money-saving decision, so you can decide what is best for you.

Is the rehearsal necessary?

Although we are honored to be invited to the party, we would never see our families on the weekend if we went to every rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. So, we leave shortly after the rehearsal and wedding (after taking a few photos), so you can begin celebrating with your loved ones. 

Do you come to the rehearsal dinner or stay for the reception?

The fee includes a 50-mile round trip each day (rehearsal and wedding day). Any distance beyond 50 miles is charged $1.50/mile from the point of origin (each officiant's home). We can figure out the additional mileage ahead of time so you are fully aware of the total cost.

Is there a charge for travel?

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We require a non-refundable partial payment upfront because we start working with you on your ceremony long before the wedding day. We invest our time, intellectual property, and creativity; therefore, half of the officiant's fee is requested at the time of booking. When you make the commitment by sending us your Letter of Agreement and initial deposit, it allows us to do our very best work for you. It's like getting engaged. Once the ring is on the finger, there is a commitment on both sides.

An invoice will be emailed, asking for the remaining balance (the second half of your payment and mileage, if applicable) five weeks before the wedding day. We require the final payment a month ahead of time so we can concentrate on the ceremony instead of trying to remember to collect a check on the wedding day.

If you want to make your life a little easier and eliminate multiple payments, we gladly accept the total fee (including mileage, if applicable) when you book Koru. 

How are payments handled?

In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel your wedding altogether four weeks before the wedding, the initial deposit is non-refundable. However, we will return the second half of your fee. If you cancel your wedding less than four weeks from the wedding day, the full Ceremony Fee is retained, and there is no refund. This is because we have reserved the date and time for your wedding. And it is unlikely that we will be able to book another ceremony within your time frame less than a month from the wedding day.

 If you need to postpone your wedding, the initial deposit may be transferred to the new date if your officiant can swap dates. You may reschedule within eighteen months of the original wedding date.

If the officiant is unavailable on the new date, we will try to work with our Koru officiants to replace him or her. If all of our officiants are booked, the initial deposit is non-refundable. However, we will return the second half of the payment if you inform us in writing four weeks before the original wedding date if Koru does not perform the rescheduled ceremony.

What is your cancellation and postponement policy? 

In the unlikely event that your assigned Koru officiant is no longer able to perform your ceremony due to unforeseen circumstances, such as an illness or an emergency, on the day of the wedding, we will work with our Koru officiants to find a replacement.

What happens if you can’t perform the ceremony? 

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Yes, we officiated same-sex couples' commitment ceremonies for years before it became legal to marry in 2015. We support and are open to all kinds of couples because we believe in celebrating love for all. 

Do you perform ceremonies for same-sex couples? 

You can book anywhere from the week or two before the wedding to up to a year or more. Keep in mind that our schedules fill up quickly during the wedding season (May-October), so contacting us sooner versus later is always the best option.

How far in advance do we need to book with you?

We have a list of recommendations that we are happy to share with you. We provide this list of vendors as a resource if you need help finding photographers, florists, musicians, Etc. These are fellow professionals whose work we are fans of and whom we find to be excellent.

Do you have other wedding professionals you work with?

A MICROWEDDING is a traditional wedding, but with a smaller guest list. With fewer than 50 people, it often includes only immediate family and close friends. A microwedding may be held at a formal venue or your backyard but are on a smaller scale than what we think of as a typical wedding with 150 guests. At microweddings, the couple focuses their budget on the little details. Although microweddings can be a way to save money, some couples choose to spend the same budget they might on a large wedding but want to create a more intimate and upscale experience for their guests. For example, they might spend more per person on the food and drink, hotel and transportation provided to their guests, or a destination weekend.

A MINIMONY is also a small or mini ceremony that includes up to 10 guests. Before COVID-19 in 2020, the term "minimony" didn't exist. Many 2020 couples decided to postpone their large wedding celebration to a later time but still wanted to get married on their original wedding date.

A minimony is a little different from a microwedding. Although it also has a small guest list, it is a downscaled version of your original wedding plans. However, you might still include handwritten vows, a photographer, a small wedding cake, and a bouquet and boutonniere. Some of our brides even choose a less elaborate wedding dress because they want to save their original dress for the Sequel Wedding.

A SEQUEL WEDDING is a second wedding celebration that often follows a minimony. The couple is following through on their original wedding plans once the pandemic is over. Before COVID-19, a sequel wedding was for couples that wanted two distinct weddings because they wanted to honor both cultures and religious traditions. A sequel wedding is now more popular than ever because it gives a couple the ability to have the best of both worlds- having two celebrations that fit all their needs.

An ELOPEMENT used to mean an unplanned, spur-of-the-moment wedding (think Las Vegas) done in secret. Over time, elopements have evolved. At Koru Ceremony, we define an elopement as a ceremony with two witnesses or up to ten total guests. There is no set-up for many elopements, such as an arch or chairs, formal processional, or wedding party. It is a super simple ceremony designed for a couple to celebrate in a private and intimate moment. These celebrations could be outdoors in a park, backyard, or a unique location but are not at a traditional wedding venue that caters to large events. In other words, it is a ceremony at a beautiful place, without the extra fuss, so the experience is fun, laid-back, and relaxed.

How do you define the difference between a microwedding, minimony, sequel wedding, and elopement?

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