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The question every couple needs to ask when planning a wedding:  How important is it to you to find the right officiant for your ceremony?

You’ve invested time, energy, and money into planning your wedding. Whether the wedding day is a sweet, intimate family affair, or a lavish, over-the-top bash, you have put your heart and soul into creating something distinctive, and you want your guests to enjoy themselves.

You want every detail to be perfect, but you may feel unclear about how to create a memorable, unforgettable marriage ceremony. You need someone you can count on to create a ceremony representing the best parts of you and your relationship.

At Koru, we guarantee we can make your love for each other shine.

Having married more than 600 couples, and counting, since 2005, we have the experience, knowledge, and know-how to deliver a ceremony that will have your guests raving.

We also have a level head and wherewithal to know how to handle and gently steer the mishaps and disasters that sometimes happen during the ceremony. And can help turn them into fond, funny, or memorable moments you will talk about in the years to come.

Our goal is to provide you with precisely what you are looking for and present you in the best light. We are here to help you feel comfortable and relaxed about the beginning of your new life together.


Get to know the heart behind Koru...

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What makes Koru Ceremony stand out from other officiants: 

1. Although we have married more than 500 couples, we strive to make each ceremony original- no two ceremonies are alike.

2. Venues tell us our rehearsal and ceremony coordination set us apart from other officiants. Couples appreciate how we combine our organizational skills and attentive eye for detail with our calming presence and flexibility, so you feel ready on the wedding day.

3. In 2020, Koru celebrated its 15th anniversary. For many years we have been recognized for our stellar customer service on The Knot and Wedding Wire. WI Bride Magazine voted Koru Ceremony- the BEST OFFICIANT in Wisconsin in 2018, 2019, and 2022, and as a Finalist in 2017, 2020, 2021 and 2023.  Bottom line- Couples love working with us.

4. We consider ourselves much more than just officiates. We care not only about your wedding day, but also about you and your marriage afterward. We hope that by the end of the wedding, you will consider us friends or like family.

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Aislinn and Austin

"Koru makes planning your entire ceremony easy from start to finish. Rev. Sarah made sure that our wedding ceremony was personal and spoke about our relationship. We even had a reading where we incorporated 10 of our friends, and it didn't even faze Sarah to help us coordinate it so that the transition was effortless! Thank you for giving us the perfect wedding ceremony!"

Megan and Pavel

"Our officiant, Rev. Peter Leidy, was amazing to work with. We wanted an intimate and unique to us ceremony, and he more than delivered. Their packages and customization are so flexible and fairly priced. We even got numerous guests' compliments about our ceremony and our officiant, Peter, afterward. We cannot say enough positives about Koru and Peter!"

taylor and Alex

"Pat has been a fantastic resource. Everything from obtaining a marriage license to name change. Pat is an expert! We can't say enough good things about Koru Ceremony."

Melissa and Brad

"Thank you so much for being a part of such a special day in our lives. We really enjoyed working with you! You have a calming, comforting way about you that was so helpful during what could have been a very stressful time. You made the planning easy and fun, and we will always look back on this time with fond memories." 

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Kind words from Past Couples

Meet the Koru Ceremony Team

Reverend Pat Werk

  • My German-born husband of 40+ years. He is my #1 fan and biggest supporter of anything I do.
  • My 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren- My heart swells with joy and pride talking about my family.
  • My passion for photography- 100,000 images and counting of our life living in a small rural community.
  • Anything Scandinavian. Favorite Danish word: Hygge = hooga / (noun) "A quality of coziness that creates a feeling of contentment with one's life. (A defining characteristic of Danish culture)."
  • Creating personalized celebrations that mirror each couple's vision, beliefs, and relationships.

What Pat Loves:

"Pat was an absolute pleasure to work with. She took the time to get to know us and our history to write an incredibly meaningful ceremony that our families and friends still talk about seven months later.

Everything is incredibly thought through, from the marriage license to the logistics of walking down the aisle. Our favorite part was that Pat was so in tune with us on the wedding day. She read our nerves and helped us slow our thoughts so we could soak in the moment together. It was the fastest day of our lives, and Pat knew how to help us make it the best day."

-Rachel and Nick


Additionally, here is a highlight film by Video Reflections from Erin and Luke's wedding where you can hear Pat's voice during the ceremony.

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Reverend Sarah Harrison

  • Sharing good times with my close-knit community of friends and family.
  • I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for my strong bond with my husband and pre-teen daughter.
  • Traveling, especially to places by the sea where I can hear the ocean waves. I recently went to Hawaii.
  • Offering support and guidance to couples moving into a new phase of life and delivering high-quality, memorable celebrations.

What Sarah Loves:

"After our first meeting with Sarah, we knew she was the perfect match for us. Her experience, positive energy, and calming presence were exactly what we needed. The ceremony planning guides were so helpful and really put us at ease when putting the ceremony together.

Our family and friends continue to share with us positive comments on how lovely Sarah is. Words can't express how happy we were to have Sarah as our officiant, she is amazing, and we highly recommend her and Koru Ceremony!"

-Heidi and Ryan

Hear from Sarah about why she loves officiating weddings so much

Additionally, here is a highlight film by Larissa Marie Video from Quintin and Jessica's wedding where you can hear Sarah's voice during the ceremony.

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Reverend Peter Leidy

  • The love of my life for over 35 years- My love for her adds to my enthusiasm for weddings.
  • Playing the guitar, singing, and songwriting. (We can talk about if you would like me to write a song for your wedding?)
  • I have a calming presence that helps keep everyone present in the moment, and I enjoy adding a little humor to the day's joy.

What Peter Loves:

“Reverend Peter was a delight. We are so happy to have had him as our wedding officiant. He told us at one point that one of the reasons he got into officiating weddings was that he just loved being a part of such a special day. We could really see the evidence on our wedding day. Peter was cheerful, heartfelt, and overall a positive presence.

Peter helped us craft a ceremony by providing lots of materials and options. He also shared some personal thoughts, including what we had told him about each other. It all came together into a coherent and lovely ceremony.”

-Margaret and Daniel

Want to hear Peter during a ceremony?

Here is a highlight film by Vaughter Films from Greg and Elizabeth's wedding so you can hear Peter's voice during the ceremony.

Reverend Rachel Tatge

  • My wonderful fiancé, our precious rescue doggo, Lola, and the life we've built together
  • My treasured friendships near and far that keep me sane
  • Delicious food and spicy cocktails
  • Exploring new cities on foot or bike
  • Watching (and talking about) really good -- and sometimes really bad -- film and TV
  • Brach's jelly beans (sorry, not sorry)
  • Cultivating relationships and ensuring that the most celebrated moments of my clients' lives are unique and cherished forever.

What Rachel Loves:

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“We had Reverend Rachel perform our wedding ceremony, and I could not have asked for a better officiant. Rachel was exceptionally well organized, so much fun to work with, and you can tell she knows her stuff.

My husband and I had no clue what we were doing, and Rachel guided us the entire way, was incredibly supportive, and had excellent advice.

I received so many positive comments from my guests on how beautiful and well-written the ceremony was, and how it was one to remember. I highly recommend Rachel and Koru Ceremony."

Reverend Brad Schnell

  • My wife Genevieve. Eve is my soulmate, partner, and best friend. Her support allows me to pursue my dreams and build my wedding practice.
  • My twin 7 year old boys Avery and Emmett. I love spending time with my kids and watching them grow.
  • Aviation - I’ve always had a fascination and passion for flight and, as a private pilot, one of my favorite things is to fly to some of the weddings I officiate.
  • I love stories and storytelling - I love hearing about a couple's journey to marriage. As an officiant, I delight in sharing your love story in a fun and unique way that elicits levity and emotion and exemplifies your unique personality as a couple.

What Brad Loves:

"The ceremony Brad crafted and delivered for us was truly touching, uplifting, and enjoyable. He skillfully balanced sentimental moments with levity, leaving us both in tears and laughter. It's worth noting that creating such a meaningful ceremony took a lot of effort and dedication. Brad clearly put in a tremendous amount of time and energy to ensure our ceremony was perfect because he genuinely cared about us. Brad's ability to actively listen and incorporate our input throughout the process was greatly appreciated. But the real highlight was the wedding day. This was where Brad really shone. Overall, we were thoroughly impressed by his approach, professionalism, and evident passion for delivering a flawless ceremony. Brad's exceptional performance truly made our day unforgettable and special. Brad Schnell is someone who will go above and beyond to make your day truly exceptional."

-Jamie and Sean

Reverend Trish Kalhagen

  • My husband and family. My hubby has been such a great support over the last several years of officiating weddings and with the things that make my heart sing.
  • I am a deep spiritual seeker through nature, reading, and attending retreats and workshops.
  • My love of music through a variety of genres brings me much enjoyment. I have often been known to sing and dance at home and am very comfortable dancing in public! It's a special treat to experience live music.
  • Traveling when I am able and meeting new people is a great joy.

What Trish Loves:

Josh Schwartz Photography

"Trish is WONDERFUL to work with! From beginning to end, she was there every step of the way. We couldn't have asked for a better officiant for our day! She has a lot of experience and knowledge, making the ceremony and planning seem easy and seamless. She also truly cared about our story and took the time to get to know us personally, making the whole experience unforgettable!" 

-Megan O

Want to Hear Trish during a ceremony?

Here is a highlight film from Lindsey and Josh's wedding so you can hear Trish's voice during the ceremony.

We care about you and your life after the wedding day.

We make commitments to couples like you. We care about your ceremony, but we also genuinely care about your marriage and the life that comes after the wedding day.

So we’d love to officiate other milestones throughout your life, such as baby blessings/baptisms, house blessings, birthdays/coming of age celebrations, and funeral/memorial services. Plus, we offer a discount if we have officiated other ceremonies for you. Hop on over to see what Other Services we provide. 

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