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What does Koru mean?

Filed in About Koru Ceremony — July 8, 2013

KORU (kor roo) is the Maori word for “loop.” I was introduced to this word when my daughter lived in New Zealand. To the indigenous people, the koru spiral represents the new shoots of the fern frond as it begins to unfurl, symbolizing new beginnings or a new phase of life. Koru also means positive change, personal growth and hope for the future. It embodies one’s spirituality, working together in harmony and being mindful of the good things in life. At Koru Ceremony I strive to embody these ideals that honors new beginnings through ceremony.

Here are some photos I have taken of ferns unfurling or koru over time.  Most are from our backyard, and my travels to New Zealand and Costa Rica.


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What does Koru mean?

KORU (kor-roo) is the Maori word for “loop.” For the indigenous people of New Zealand, the koru spiral represents a fern frond beginning to unfurl. The koru symbol embodies new beginnings, a new phase of life, renewal, hope for the future, positive change, personal growth, working in harmony, bringing people together, and being mindful of the good things in life.

At Koru Ceremony, we strive to personify these ideals and celebrate a new beginning through ceremony and ritual.

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