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The Wow Factor in Making Your Wedding Unforgettable

Filed in Advice, Wedding — August 21, 2013

This is a really interesting article on ways to make your wedding unforgettable for your guests.  I’ve edited the article down for this blog, but if you would like to read the complete article with tons of great examples, check out this link:
76 Fabulous Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

The Wow Effect
When I was planning my wedding, I didn’t need the most expensive dress or huge, elaborate floral centerpieces. I really just wanted a fun day surrounded by my closest family and friends in a beautiful location that was totally me and left my guests saying, “Wow! That was the best wedding EVER.” At first I didn’t think that was possible on my budget. I thought it took lots of money to come up with something unique and memorable. Fortunately for meI was wrong.

What you don’t knowand what the wedding industry doesn’t tell youis that you can have a day filled with personal, unique touches that really say something about you. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The secret is what I call the “Wow Effect.”

When your guests experience the Wow Effect at your wedding they won’t just be impressedthey’ll really “get” who you are and why you choose this wedding day, this location, this man. The Wow Effect is like a magic trick that casts a spell over your guests, transporting them to another worldyour worldand makes them a part of it. Your guests are wowed when your wedding is a totally unique expression of you.  The bonus is that when they “get” who you are, they become connected and involvedwhich means they have more FUN.

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