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Rachel and Bret

Filed in Review, Wedding — October 19, 2020

Thank you so much Rachel for writing this wonderful review.  It was a delight to work with both of you and I was honored to officiate your ceremony.

“Reverend Pat officiated our wedding ceremony. She was so wonderful to work with and made planning out our wedding ceremony not only easy but also uniquely ours. We received countless options and ideas for ceremony wording, music, vows, and more. Once we had made our selections, she did a great job organizing everything so it flowed well. Additionally, she was very familiar with our venue (The Barn at Harvest Moon Pond), having officiated weddings there before. This really helped things to go smoothly during the rehearsal and day of the ceremony. If you are looking for someone who is warm, personable, and organized to officiate your wedding, my husband and I highly recommend using Koru Ceremony!”
Rachel and Bret were married on October 16, 2020, at Harvest Moon Pond in Poynette, WI.

My favorite moment during the wedding was when Rachel walked down the aisle. I was told right before the wedding began that the radar said it was supposed to rain right when the ceremony started. We decided to go ahead anyway to see if we could fit it in before the rain began. While the wedding party walked down the aisle, it was super windy. But right as the gates opened as Rachel and her parents walked down the aisle, the wind suddenly died, and it was calm for the rest of the ceremony. I leaned over to Bret and said, “Did you see how the wind died?” It was so magical. The rain stayed away for the entire ceremony, but then it started to rain as I left.

Here are a few photos of Harvest Moon Pond. Brian and Stephanie do an amazing job of running this incredible venue. It’s true what they say on their website, “Owners who genuinely care, are super-organized and can’t wait to treat you like family.” Be sure to check out the horseshoe picture and the close up of Rachel and Bret’s horseshoe to commemorate their wedding day.


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What does Koru mean?

KORU (kor-roo) is the Maori word for “loop.” For the indigenous people of New Zealand, the koru spiral represents a fern frond beginning to unfurl. The koru symbol embodies new beginnings, a new phase of life, renewal, hope for the future, positive change, personal growth, working in harmony, bringing people together, and being mindful of the good things in life.

At Koru Ceremony, we strive to personify these ideals and celebrate a new beginning through ceremony and ritual.

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