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Kelly and David’s Milford Hills Wedding

Filed in Review, Wedding — July 16, 2016

Thank you Twig and Olive Photography for sharing these beautiful photos with me from Kelly and David’s wedding at Milford Hills Hunt Club.  Although their wedding was last summer, I remember the wedding well.  They invited me to stay for the reception, but I had to leave because my daughter was in labor.

​Here is a nice review that Kelly and Dave wrote for me on Wedding Wire:

Working with Rev. Pat Werk of Koru Ceremony was a wonderful experience we will never forget. I reached out to Rev. Pat about a year and a half before our wedding. The first meeting was fantastic, she provided us with tons of information and we had a great time getting to know each other and develop a relationship. A year before my wedding my venue let me know they needed to change my wedding date due to a scheduling conflict. I let Rev. Pat know and she responded very quickly and was able to accommodate the date change. Hearing back from a vendor quickly when something goes wrong is such a relief and so appreciated! Our second meeting with Rev. Pat was to finalize all the details. She makes creating the ceremony so easy which all of the information she provides. We loved reading through all the options and custom tailoring a ceremony to our style! Rev. Pat attending our rehearsal and led everyone through a run-down of how the day would go quickly and thoroughly. Rev. Pat is so dedicated to her clients that she officiated our wedding even though her daughter had just gone into labor shortly before our wedding!! She did an absolutely fantastic job on our wedding and guests had wonderful things to say about her. I could not imagine anyone else officiating our big day, Rev. Pat made it easy, special and fun!!


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