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Jessica and Karl

Filed in Wedding — May 22, 2019

I could not have described this wedding better than how one of my favorite photographers, Christine and Justin from Natural Intuition Photography, talked about Jessica and Karl’s amazing wedding day:

“Jessica and Karl wanted a laid back wedding that fit their style, including their families and daughters. We loved how they created a relaxing and intimate experience with moody flowers, candlelight and added a bit of fun with coupon books! The coupon books go back to when they first started dating, Karl brought Jessica a coupon book. 

Their ceremony was set at the beautiful Gates of Heaven Synagogue near James Madison Park. I have always wanted to photograph a wedding at this adorable chapel, it has so much charm! It is simply perfect for an intimate wedding like what Jessica and Karl had! Jessica and Karl made sure their daughters felt special on the wedding day too, they presented them with lockets during the ceremony. The girls were so giddy when they got back to their seats. They just couldn’t help but show off their new lockets. As they walked back down the aisle when they were presented as Husband and Wife their families played a song on kazoos! It was awesome!

We took their portraits at some of their favorite places in Madison, with a stop at the Wisconsin State Capital building, overlooking State Street, Memorial Union Terrace, and the amazing trail near the terrace! While we were thinking of other places to go, the limo driver mentioned a spot near campus. When we stopped they were stopped by some Badger tailgaters and offered a jello shot! What better way to celebrate the Badgers AND your wedding day!?”

Be sure to check on this blog link to see the fantastic photos from this fabulous couple’s wedding day!


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