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How to Throw a Virtual Wedding

Filed in Advice, Wedding — May 8, 2020



Here is the ultimate guide to throwing a virtual wedding by Brides.  Read through this article for some great suggestions on how to host a micro-wedding.

The most important thing to know about weddings such as these in the state of Wisconsin is that you must have an officiant physically present to do the ceremony.  The officiant cannot do it remotely via Zoom or any other platform.

Additionally, one couple was talking to me about “marrying themselves” without an officiant.  Although this sounds like a great suggestion during a global pandemic, it is not legal in Wisconsin until your religious affiliation, such as Quaker, allows this.

Be sure to check with the County Clerk of Courts in the county where you live about the rules and guidelines if you want to be legally married by the end of the wedding.

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