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Amber and Chris planned a wedding at their home

Filed in Review, Wedding — October 20, 2017

I can’t thank Amber and Chris enough for writing such a glowing review for me.  It actually brought tears to my eyes reading such warm words of praise.  It was so wonderful to work with both of them and my warm affection for the two of them is abundant!

“If you are clueless with how to plan a wedding, and don’t know how to go about planning the ceremony, then you are exactly where I was before getting married. Look no further for assistance and Call Pat Werk with Koru Ceremony in Deerfield. My husband and I are both introverts who wanted a simple ceremony at our home, which turned into 100 guests and we flustered! We contacted a few people who made it feel like an inconvenience when we didn’t know exactly what or how we wanted to do things. From the first moment we met Pat she was so warm and friendly Even though her schedule was booked, she found a way to not only make our ceremony happen on the day we wanted, but helped with getting the wording and movements so we felt comfortable with everything. Not to mention she also came over the morning of (when we had called her the night before to request this), just so we could go over where to be and how to make everything perfect, even helping us determine where to set up the altar and the sand ceremony table! She wasn’t just an officiate, she worked with us as a wedding planner asking nothing more than making sure we were happy with everything. I’ve never gotten married before, and I never plan to again, which is a shame because she was so pleasant to work with we can’t do repeat business with her! I would recommend her to anyone, whether you know what you are looking for in your ceremony, or like me, need a lot of guidance with how to get a good flow and wording. Whats better, her prices were competitive with everyone else we spoke to, even though she offers so much more! I cannot say enough how perfect she made our big day, by the end she felt like family. You will not regret letting them help to make your wedding perfect!”


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What does Koru mean?

KORU (kor-roo) is the Maori word for “loop.” For the indigenous people of New Zealand, the koru spiral represents a fern frond beginning to unfurl. The koru symbol embodies new beginnings, a new phase of life, renewal, hope for the future, positive change, personal growth, working in harmony, bringing people together, and being mindful of the good things in life.

At Koru Ceremony, we strive to personify these ideals and celebrate a new beginning through ceremony and ritual.

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