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Amanda and Andy’s “Father of the Bride” Wedding

Filed in Wedding — August 8, 2017

If you remember the 1991 movie “Father of the Bride” with Steve Martin and the beautiful backyard wedding he threw for his daughter (Kimberly Williams) you will get a small sense of what this wedding on the shores of Lake Winnebago was like.  What an incredibly gorgeous wedding that Amanda and Andy planned for their family and friends, celebrating the joining together of two fabulous families and their deep love for one another.

Their amazing and talented photographer Jenna Kutcher described their wedding like this and I couldn’t agree more:

Andy and Amanda’s day was nothing short of jaw dropping. We called it the “Father of the Bride” wedding of the year but even that couldn’t sum up the beauty of their day. Andy’s parents home settled on Lake Winnebago provided the most incredible backdrop for their ceremony where they promised forever in the spot that Andy played as a child. After their ceremony guests loaded up the trolleys while the french horn quartet played and went to a spot sacred to the Waite family, the place where Andy’s parents wed years ago.

The North Shore Golf Club was transformed by Cherry Blossom Events for their reception where guests dined, enjoyed signature cocktails, and danced (oh, did they dance) the night away to the Michael Walters Orchestra. It was the party of a century filled with gracious, kind, joy-filled friends and family that travelled from far and wide to celebrate with the newlyweds. Andy and Amanda has a comfort to their relationship that could only be described as the perfect fit and that perfect fit became husband and wife in an unforgettable day with beautiful details, beautiful love stories, and beautiful vows that will stand the tests of time.

Check out Jenna’s blog for more photos from this wedding: 


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