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A Review Written by Amanda and Jake

Filed in Review, Wedding — August 31, 2020


Thank you, Amanda and Jake, for writing this really nice review for me on The Knot, Wedding Wire, and Google Business. It was an honor to work with you and officiate your ceremony last Saturday at RiverStone in Fort Atkinson. Here is what they wrote:

“We had the joy of working with Pat Werk for our wedding, and we absolutely loved the process from start to finish. Pat is so personable and really takes the time to get to know you as a couple. We could really feel that she cared for us and our story. Pat does a wonderful job of providing a consultation process to walk you through the various parts of the ceremony and to talk through the abundance of options you have. We loved that she provided several examples and allowed us to choose what we felt was most important to us.

Another great thing about working with Pat is that she did a wonderful job of providing direction to our wedding party. She made sure to provide lots of advice on the little details such as directing bridesmaids on how to hold flowers and directing groomsmen on how to hold their hands. The little details can make a big difference and she sure knows how to watch for them.

Pat also takes away a lot of the stress of the marriage license and name changing process and she provides detailed handouts on how this works.

Overall, we only have great things to say about our time working with Pat and Koru Ceremony. She emulated the perfect feeling that we wanted to be conveyed for our ceremony.”

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What does Koru mean?

KORU (kor-roo) is the Maori word for “loop.” For the indigenous people of New Zealand, the koru spiral represents a fern frond beginning to unfurl. The koru symbol embodies new beginnings, a new phase of life, renewal, hope for the future, positive change, personal growth, working in harmony, bringing people together, and being mindful of the good things in life.

At Koru Ceremony, we strive to personify these ideals and celebrate a new beginning through ceremony and ritual.

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