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A cold outdoor wedding

Filed in Review, Wedding — January 5, 2018

I really enjoyed working with Melissa and Anan.  They are serious marathon and triathlete competitors.  Although they live in Chicago, they decided to have their wedding in Madison at UW Picnic Point.  It snowed the night before so the ground was white but it was also pretty cold for a sunrise ceremony. (The two pairs of long underwear I wore came in handy.)  Despite the cold, it was an AMAZING wedding.  It was a small and intimate ceremony with just immediate family since they are having a bigger wedding in India later in January.  But they wanted their family to be warm so they had a campfire, handwarmers and hot tea for their guests during the ceremony.  I’m looking forward to see the photos that their photographer, Laura Zastrow, took.

Here is a review that they wrote for me on both Wedding Wire and The Knot.

“My husband and I wanted to plan a small outdoor ceremony in December. We do not live in Madison and needed to find somewhere to get started. We are so happy that we found Pat! Not only did she do an amazing job on the ceremony, she also had some great ideas to help us get started. We used quite a few of her suggestions, from wedding photographer to outdoor location. She took the time to meet with us before hand and was always very responsive to our questions. We know that our ceremony would not have been as amazing as it was without her involvement. On top of everything she braved the cold winter weather to help us achieve our dream of an outdoor wedding at sunrise!”
Melissa and Anan married on December 9, 2017 at UW Picnic Point, Madison, WI


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