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Stephanie and Ryan’s Madison Club Wedding

Filed in Review, Wedding — April 10, 2017

I adored working with Stephanie and Ryan.  What a sweet and amazing couple they were and what a beautiful wedding they had at the Madison Club.  Here are Stephanie’s comment she wrote to me in an email after the wedding:

Pat- We wanted to send you a quick thank you! We truly had such a special day! The ceremony was just absolutely perfect and we both loved everything about our ceremony. We were also told by almost everyone attendee that the ceremony was beautiful! Several people even said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. Also, thank you for working with Ryan and I over the distance. You made it so easy and painless! We can’t imagine having anyone else as our officiant and truly loved having you be apart of our special day. Thank you!

Be sure to check out more outstanding photos on Caitlin Stemper’s blog at Caynay Photo.  I couldn’t have voiced any better her comments on her blog about this wedding:

In a room with ocean colored blue walls and crystal chandeliers, Ryan and Stephanie said their forevers. As laughter erupted from their guests & the candles flickered on the mantel there was nothing but love in that room. Stories of how they met, meeting families, when they realized they were meant for each other. Their love-filled ceremony encompassed exactly who Stephanie & Ryan are.

They met in college during a group assignment. In their short conversation that’s when they realized they lived across the street from each other. If that isn’t a nudge from the universe, I don’t know what is. From their friendship blossomed a romance, which turned into a proposal and as the rain quietly pit pattered over Madison I witnessed the beginning of a beautiful love story. 
It’s apparent that Stephanie and Ryan are well loved by their friends & family. The day felt intimate, joyous, cheerful, and about any other adjective you can grab that goes along with love. Witnessing their day felt like I was peering into a good book with a happy ending. These two are the real deal.


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