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Carly and Gage

Filed in Review, Wedding — October 7, 2021

“It was amazing having Pat officiate our wedding. I really had no clue where to even start with planning a ceremony, even the timing was confusing to me. Pat was so helpful, she had incredible resources that told me exactly what I needed to think about and gave me options, but that were also incredibly personalized. Our ceremony was anything but run-of-the-mill. Our procession order had a lot of moving parts and was a little complex, but Pat handled it with grace and was always so affirming, never making me feel like I was over complicating things. We wanted our friend to be involved in the ceremony, so Pat graciously invited him to present his own “charge to the couple” and even let him have the “you may now kiss your wife” line. I cried, my husband cried, we laughed, it was truly incredible. Pat was able to blend all of our hopes for our wedding so beautifully. It was truly unique and unforgettable and I can’t thank her enough”
Carly and Gage were married on June 17, 2021, at Harvest Moon Pond, Poynette, WI.



In the 16 years I have been officiating weddings and the 100’s of couples I have worked with, I have never done a wedding jointly with someone else. But Gage and Carly’s good friend, Griffin, brought so much joy and laughter to the ceremony, it was delightful to do it together. First of all instead of a traditional flower girl, Griffin played the role of Flower Dude and had the guests in stitches coming down the aisle during the processional. He also shared a hilarious speech and helped me at the end pronounce them as husband and wife. Gage and Carly also personalized their ceremony by including the wine box love letter ritual and added the component of asking their parents and grandmother to write letters to them to add to the box, which they will read on their first anniversary. Then on their second anniversary they will add a new bottle of wine and write a new love letter to each other. Thus, over the years their love letters will grow, just like their love for each other will grow over the years. Although I love every single wedding I do, some weddings have a special magical quality about them that makes them so memorable. Gage and Carly’s wedding was one of those. I will remember this wedding for a long time and will remember their amazing vows and what a beautiful, sweet, and sincere couple Gage and Carly were to work with. Wishing them an abundance of happiness in the years to come.

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